Why did I start this blog?

This blog is my way of getting over the fear of putting myself out there. It is a way to force myself to stop procrastinating when it comes to writing and to start doing it.

The name of the blog reminds me to write first, then do the next best activity for me (reading), and finally to repeat the process again. Hope the site also reminds you to put action first if there is anything you would like to get better at.

The topics I will write about will be varied; there might not be a consistent theme for the first few posts. However, a theme or topic might emerge later on that makes me want to write exclusively about it. Until then, this blog will serve as my search for that idea, and as my medium of honest expression.

I will try to make the posts useful so that you are not wasting your time reading them. If any of my future posts help make your life better in any way, then I will consider the blog a success.

Hope you stick around for the next post.